• To teach English to high school students during regular school hours for six week
  • To supervise the girls and boys while participating in social events, organize various activities in order to increase success with their English acquisition and personal development
  • To be leaders to the groups of girls and boys who are under their care
  • To establish reading contests, singing, games and other such activities which will help improve English through fun and group activities
  • To plan free­time activities and apply them
  • To plan competitions and activities between teams within the program
  • To be group leaders in the trips to various historical places and tours within Istanbul and Marmara area
  • To plan and be part of activities which will enable teachers themselves to learn more about Turkish culture and also have the opportunity to present their own culture to the students.

The girls and boys who stay at their own dorms come from diverse and often challenging backgrounds. The “Dorm Sisters” and “Dorm Brothers” must be patient, sympathetic, energetic, creative, extremely outgoing and social, and excellent communicators. Individuals who smoke or use any harmful substances will not be accepted. Those Volunteers accepted will reside in Turkey for a 6 week period. Female teachers will reside at Hayriye Cemal Gülbaran Girl’s Dorm and male teachers will reside at Kartal Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Boy’s Dorm and they will be expected to be with the students during the times the girls and the boys are at the classes and dorms and during group excursions. Free time will be given during the day and one day off at the weekend. Health insurance of the individuals, transportation and three squares a day food expenses will be provided. This is a volunteer and the payment will be an honorarium and all volunteers are dealt with in accordance with our equal opportunities policy.


• Improved leadership skills by organizing events and working as group leaders
• The opportunity to build different networks in the growing business world of Turkey
• Learn more about different cultures and expand perspectives
• Help young girls and boys with their development and asist them in becoming contributors to their community
• Learn more about Turkish culture and gain new knowledge with the help of the tours and organizations.
• Mentor young girls&boys and become a positive role model for them.

It is our hope that the benefits of the program would be two-fold. The students will have gained invaluable experiences, but additionally the mentors will have felt the experience beneficial. We hope that when “Dorm Sisters” and “Dorm Brothers” return to their country they will have learned a new culture and a different perspective. The experience that the individual gains within the environment, and the social culture of Turkey will give them a wider outlook.

Additionally, having helped those who need academic support, education and mentoring we hope it will boost their confidence and will have provided a new experience.