If you want your part time volunteer job application to be considered, you must have the documents listed below. A number of other documents may also be required depending on the situation. You must upload scanned copies of your supporting documents into the application portal. You do not need to send any documents by post. All applicants must fill out online application questionnaire form first and upload the Required Documents1. And all other remaining Required Documents2 as part of their application when shortlisted before interview day. Applications lacking necessary documentation will not be processed.

Prospective Volunteer Candidates who are admitted to English Summer School Project 2018  must bring with them all the original documents to Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School. KAIHHS will require admitted volunteers to present all original certificates, diplomas, etc. mentioned below, upon arrival. Volunteers failing to present all relevant original documents upon request may be denied or later told to leave the School, even after arriving in Turkey.

If your passport is damaged or needs to be extended, we recommend that you obtain a new passport or extend it before applying for the visa to avoid any delay in the processing of your application, because any delay occurs because of this will be at your own risk.

Required Documents1 (During Online Application):

  1. Online Application Questionnaire Form (must be filled out)
  2. CV /Resume (an updated one must be uploaded)
  3. Diploma or Graduation Degree and/or Student Id Card (Copy of it must be uploaded) 

Required Documents2 (After you have been shortlisted and chosen): ( all these original docs must be submitted to English Summer Program Coordinator upon arrival to Istanbul and must be uploaded here right after you have been informed and invited to come to interview as a shortlisted candidate!)

  1. Family Consent Form as signed by legal parents.
  2. Reference Letter as signed (and stamped if possible) must be genuine; no copies accepted.
  3. Health Check  completed by doctor stating clean of bill of health that shows you are eligible to travel to Turkey. If you have a medical condition that could have a bearing on your eligibility for this post, furnish a letter from your physician which discusses your current state of health. At the time you apply for this part time volunteer post, you are required to furnish from a doctor, specialist and/or other professional person familiar with your case a letter that addresses the following: diagnosis and relevant medical history of the your condition; current state of health;the likelihood of a need for care or hospitalization during your stay in Turkey;whether you, in the opinion of the doctor, are likely to remain in a stable condition during the trip, and are likely to cope with a strange environment; and details of any history of harmful behavior you have shown towards yourself, others, or property.
  4. Police Check  police checks must be less than 2 months old when you submit your application and must be genuine; no copies accepted.
  5. Copy of first pages of your Canadian Passport must be valid for one year or older at least. Documentation of name change must be uploaded if your name appears different in any document.

*Please note that we maintain the right to contact institutions, firms, associations and government agencies for the purpose of explanation and/or verification of uploaded documents.