This Summer Program is established and sponsored by Kartal Anatolian Imam Hatip High School. The summer program will be an immersion English environment for the duration of the summer break. This program will provide the children with both teachers who are native English speakers that will come from abroad to teach at the summer program.And these native English speaking “Dorm Sisters” and “Dorm Brothers” will teach English to high school students during regular school hours in addition to supervising and mentoring the girls and boys, creating an immersion environment within their own classes and dorms. Being in an English speaking environment will provide a contribution to these students in areas such as personal and academic development, communication with a foreigner will help to broaden their perspectives of the world around them, and inevitably improve their English and fundamental intellectual attitudes while becoming a global independent thinker. By the end of the program, both the knowledge of English and the acquired self-confidence will open doors to academic successes and help these students to be better integrated into the academic curricula and community in their later lives. Our goal is to bring the experience of being abroad to these students within own campus. We want them to light up their own way and light up the way of others around them.

During the summer program, native English speakers will teach English in the classses and stay with the children in the dorms and will assist with daily activities and be mentors to the girls and boys while being language models for them. Throughout the day, reading, writing, listening, video watch and speaking lessons will be given in a classroom setting by volunteer English teachers.

Additionally, every weekend there will be trips to important historical locations in and around Istanbul. This will enable both our foreign guests and the girls and boys to learn more about Turkish culture and history, and to have the chance to create fun and lasting memories.