Hala Faress

My experience with KAHIL was one I will never forget. The program is well organized, giving the volunteers the opportunity to explore, teach, and learn – all in one summer! The time spent in the classroom is as fun as it is educational. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know beautiful, young locals on a one-to-one basis. Through dorm activities and excursions, I got to spend more time with my students, in authentic and meaningful ways. They were excited to teach me about the unique Turkish culture but were even more enthusiastic to learn English and about my life in Canada. I made friends to last a life time last summer and am excited to return one day to a beautiful and culturally – rich country. All in all, a humbling and worthwhile experience.


Zainab Attia

The KAIHL summer English program in Istanbul Turkey is a well organized and well respected establishment. Through this program, I had the amazing opportunity of teaching English to a group of such intelligent and eager young boys who consistently taught me something new everyday. They were exceedingly knowledgeable and their behaviour was outstanding. The students were so passionate about learning the English language and always looked forward to the time away from the books when conversations can be free flowing and intellectual. The administration was so kind and understanding. They provided us with such unbelievable trips and opportunities that I will cherish for the rest of my life. From the free time we had to roam the streets of Istanbul to the in class curriculum work, I will never forget this outstanding summer experience. I enjoyed every day in this program and I would recommend it to anyone who is eager to teach English abroad and be exposed to a new and beautiful culture full of rich history.


Yasmin Masalha

Where do I even start? The KAIHL summer English program, has honestly been the best experience of my life. It was such an incredible honor to have been given the opportunity to teach the students I had. I have never met more passionate, intelligent, kind and fun students. To know that you can become a role model to these students is so rewarding, and you can see it in thier faces when you’re with them.

The program itself was supportive, encouraging and loving, and the staff was so incredibly kind. I will always consider them as my second family now.

Not only did we have the amazing opportunity to teach, we were able to explore Turkey and all its beauty. The people, the culture, the food, the scenery…I miss it all so much. I consider myself so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of this program, and I will forever be thankful!


Amina Hamoud

My experience with the KAHIL summer school program was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. I was honored to have been chosen and given the opportunity to teach in an amazing school with outstanding students in such a beautiful country. This program provided an opportunity to teach students and learn from them as well and grow closer together to them through in class activities, afterschool dorm activities and excursions on weekends. The bond that each of us volunteers got to build with each of our students is one that is unforgettable, through being about the Turkish language and culture, what foods to try and places to visit, while also sharing information about Canadian culture and experiences. The enthusiasm of these students to learn English is what made teaching so much more enjoyable. In this program, I made life long friends, and I was so glad to have gone through this experience with them and be able to share such amazing memories with them as well. I loved this program so much and I do hope to do it again in the future.


Shuruk Ibrahim

The KAIHL summer English program is easily one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to learn so much about Turkey, my students, and myself. I have never met more enthusiastic and intelligent students at such a young age, and you can tell they are eager to learn the English language. The administration and the students made me feel so welcome, and the overall experience was so much better than I could have ever imagined. We went on amazing trips and learned about the rich history of Turkey. I was able to build beautiful bonds with my students in and out of the classroom, and I am still in contact with some of them, almost a year later. There are so many wonderful things about Turkey, and I will forever be thankful that I was able to experience them through this program.


Nilofar Bashtan

As an aspiring teacher, this program gave me the experience that I was looking for back home in Canada. Being able to teach English to a class of bright and intelligent students who wanted to learn the language I held knowledge to, was absolutely rewarding. I had the pleasure in being a part of a bond with the students as a mentor, and friend. Working together as a team with the students in further enhancing their English allowed me to apply the skills I had with teaching, and grow as an educator. With each day, teaching became more fun as we explored different topics, and applied the course content in a more interactive way. The school and faculty provided great support within all aspects of the course. KAIHL emits a warm and welcoming atmosphere which allowed me to feel comfortable in teaching each day. What made this program overall an unforgettable experience, was living in such a beautiful city, Istanbul.  While visiting historical locations, and exploring the city around me, I didn’t want to come back to Canada without absorbing the beautiful language, tasting the delicious cuisine, and interacting with the friendly people. Overall, this program allowed me to grow as an individual, and gain experience that is like no other.


Nada Afheel

Having the opportunity to attend the KAHIL summer English program, has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. Through this program, I had the chance to interact with many amazing individuals who were as passionate as I was. It was an honour to have such a wonderful group of students who were interested in the language and wanted to learn. As each day went by my wonderful students and I bonded, I had learned many things from them in return. The students were warm and welcoming and helped create a positive learning environment, by being interactive and absorbed in the material. Not only were the students very kind, but so were the rest of the staff members and administration. This program helps introduce you to many new people whom you begin to consider your family by the end of the trip. Although teaching English and the students should be the main focus, we were lucky enough to be provided with the opportunity to travel and explore Istanbul thanks to KAHIL. Each day was a new learning experience, and I would highly recommend this program to those who would like to teach English abroad. Overall, this is truly a once in a lifetime trip and there is so much to discover and offer as a teacher, I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to be part of this program and would love others to experience the same as well! You’ll come back missing Turkey, the food, culture, and students of course!


Yousef Al Muzaini

The KAIHL Summer 2016 English program was very successful in every aspect. Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip is one of the top high schools in Turkey, and having the opportunity to be a teacher there last year was a pleasure. I was privileged to meet and interact with intelligent and well behaved top students during my stay. The students were passionate and very eager to learn English and they were engaging in all kind of academic and physical activities, in and outside of school. This helped in improving their English language skills which proved very successful by the end of the program. The program was not only limited to teaching. We as teachers were also given the opportunity of experiencing and visiting some of the major attractions in Turkey which provided a sense of being a local having a taste of the culture and way of life. I am so thankful for this phenomenal and beneficial experience and I would encourage anyone to join the program and not hesitate.